Rules, Forms, & Fees


Use the following forms for cases in which there is no existing pre-dispute contractual arbitration provision, but the parties have mutually agreed to use mediation or arbitration as a fair and cost-effective forum to resolve their dispute:

Standard Rules and Procedures

Standard Fees and Costs

Standard Fees and Costs for Special Services


For cases referred to NAM as a result of an existing contractual provision, indicating that the parties have agreed to use mediation or arbitration as the dispute resolution forum, use the following forms:

Comprehensive Rules and Procedures

Comprehensive Fees and Costs

Demand for Arbitration

Request for Mediation


See the following rules and forms for matrimonial cases:

Matrimonial Fees and Costs

Matrimonial Hearing Officer Roster

Realtor / Homeowner

Sample ADR Clauses

See the following sample clauses for commercial, construction, and employment cases:

Commercial (Arbitration & Mediation) Clauses

Construction (Arbitration) Clause

Employment (Arbitration) Clause