Personal Injury

Since 1992, NAM has served as a leading provider of alternative dispute services, including arbitration and mediation, for personal injury matters both locally and nationwide.

Regardless of volume or complexity, NAM has the resources to administrate your ADR proceedings with our highly qualified and distinguished panel of neutrals consisting of retired federal, state and appellate judges, as well as former litigators who will handle your case in a professional and efficient manner. NAM’s goal is to:

  • quickly and efficiently bring parties together;
  • gain the mutual agreement of the parties to participate in an ADR proceeding;
  • facilitate the negotiation of case parameters (if applicable);
  • facilitate the selection by the parties of the best hearing officer for their matter; and
  • to work with all parties to ensure a convenient date, time and location of the hearing or conference.

All participants in an ADR proceeding agree to follow the same set of rules and procedures, prior to scheduling each matter, thereby establishing pre-determined guidelines that ensure an equitable process.

An exceptional panel of neutrals

We offer litigants a nationwide panel of more than 2,600 top-tier former judges and legal practitioners uniquely qualified to facilitate the resolution of disputes in a private forum. Our award-winning neutrals are recognized leaders in the industry, and skilled at working with parties to effectively resolve disputes as efficiently as possible, always with a mind on fairness and integrity. NAM’s extensive and highly qualified panel consists of former judges and litigators with deep experience who are available to hear cases in every major city in the United States.

Why both sides choose NAM?

NAM receives thousands of case submissions each year, sourced equally from plaintiff and defendant law firms and institutions. NAM actively works with thousands of commercial clients. Over the course of any twelve-month period, NAM’s clientele is so diverse, that no client represents more than 2% of NAM’s revenues. As such, parties can rely on the fairness and integrity of a NAM-administered initiative.

When is a personal injury matter ready for ADR?

  • Early in the life of a case (the bulk of litigation costs escalate the longer a file remains open).
  • Prior to engaging in time-consuming and costly discovery.
  • Meaningful negotiations have ceased.
  • Enough information is available to fully evaluate the claim.
  • The cost of litigation could exceed the value of the claim.
  • When your adversary is difficult or unresponsive.

Below are just some of the reasons why NAM is the ADR provider of choice when arbitrating or mediating personal injury matters:

  • NAM maintains highly qualified panels of neutrals in major cities throughout the United States.
  • NAM can deliver a consistent high level of service, regardless of geographic location, as all case administration is coordinated from a central hub location.
  • NAM is an approved ADR provider with most carriers, thereby enabling plaintiffs’ firms a company that can secure participation in an ADR proceeding with almost any insurance company in the nation.
  • NAM facilitates the process, obtaining approvals and finding mutually agreeable hearing officers.

Rules, forms and fees

NAM offers disputing parties cost efficient access to some of the most highly qualified and respected neutrals across the country. NAM’s Rules and Procedures are designed to afford parties a sensible and timely process so that issues will be resolved in a timely fashion.