Maritime law is a specialized area of practice that encompasses a wide variety of distinct legal issues and fact patterns. The key to resolving disputes maritime disputes effectively is to understand the range of options available.  Alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including mediation and arbitration, can serve as a faster and more cost-efficient means to resolve maritime disputes and avoid the expense, inconvenience and delay associated with protracted litigation.

The resolution of a maritime dispute often requires a neutral that has deep experience and familiarity with the issues specific to this area of the law.  NAM’s roster of neutrals includes highly qualified and respected neutrals that not only have a full understanding of the issues, but also have the requisite skill set and effectiveness needed for these types of disputes.

Whether the parties choose to submit their dispute to mediation or arbitration, or are required to do so by virtue of a contractual clause, NAM offers litigants experienced neutrals and an administrative process that has been consistently recognized by the legal community as amongst the best in the country.

Areas of Experience

NAM neutrals have experience handling cases in many areas of maritime law including, but not limited to:

  • Salvage
  • Collision
  • Groundings
  • Charter Party Disputes
  • Jones Act/ Unseaworthiness Claims
  • Towing
  • Harbor Worker/Personal Injury
  • Marine Insurance Disputes
  • Cruise Ship Passenger Contractual and Injury / Death Claims
  • Cargo Damage
  • Seafarer Claims