In April of 2013, the Georgia Lottery Corporation (GLC) assumed the regulatory duties of the compliance and enforcement of Class A and Class B Coin Operated Amusement Machines (COAMs) in the state of Georgia. Should a dispute arise between COAM licensees, NAM is an approved COAM Arbitration Administrator for the GLC.

To commence a COAM arbitration with NAM:

Within 14 days of the date on the Arbitration Referral form issued by the GLC, the party initiating the arbitration (the “Claimant”) must provide the following to NAM:

  1. Completed Demand for Arbitration form (see link below)
  2. Payment to NAM for the arbitration administration fee   
  3. Send/serve the completed Demand for Arbitration form to the other party to your dispute and send proof of service to NAM and copy of the GLC Referral

NAM’s COAM Arbitration Administrator will then contact the parties to begin the case administration process.

NAM's COAM Panel is comprised of the following distinguished Arbitrators:

  • Gregory Crochet, Esq., Atlanta, GA
  • Charles M. Dalziel, Jr., Esq., Marietta, GA
  • Frederick O. Ferrand, Esq., Atlanta, GA
  • Scott A. Schweber, Esq., Atlanta, GA
  • Scott Zucker, Esq., Atlanta, GA

Submit a COAM Arbitration Demand

NAM’s COAM Arbitration Demand Form

NAM’s COAM Arbitration Rules and Procedures

Contact Us

Need assistance? Please contact NAM’s COAM Arbitration Administrator by phone at 1-800-358-2626 (COAM) or 516-941-3262 or by email at