The Honorable Jeremy S. Weinstein Joins NAM's Highly Regarded Panel of Neutrals


New York, NY (August 29, 2019) – NAM (National Arbitration and Mediation), one of the nation's leading providers of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services, is proud to announce the addition of the Honorable Jeremy S. Weinstein to its highly regarded New York Metro roster of neutrals.


Judge Weinstein's illustrious and longstanding legal career in public service spans 14 years as a New York State Senator and 25 years in the judiciary, highlighted by several appointments that include Supreme Court Justice and Administrative Judge for Queens County, New York. During his time on the bench, he presided over the trial scheduling part (TSP) and conferenced more than 15,000 civil cases involving personal injury as well as medical malpractice, commercial and corporate contract matters.

In 1979, he was elected a member of the New York State Senate where he served on the Judiciary committee, the Codes Committee, the Banking Committee and the Crime and Corrections Committee. Among the many accomplishments he achieved during his tenure as a Senator included the sponsoring of 34 bills into law, mostly dealing with both civil and criminal law. Further, his significant appointments included roles as Assistant Minority Whip, Minority Whip and Assistant Minority Leader – Floor Operations.

Judge Weinstein maintained a successful private law practice for fifteen years until his election in 1993 as Judge of the Civil Court of New York. That began a celebrated judicial career that culminated in his appointment as Chief Administrative Judge for Civil Matters in the 11th Judicial District where he served with distinction for 10 years until his retirement in 2019.

He is an avid supporter of ADR and is an extremely skilled mediator with the aptitude to handle all matter of case types, from the simplest to the most complex of legal issues. He is regarded by his peers as a hard-working and detail-oriented jurist known for his intelligence, patience and ability to bring parties together and assist in the resolution of even the most contentious cases.

Roy Israel, President and CEO of NAM, stated, “It's an honor to welcome Judge Weinstein to NAM's esteemed panel of neutrals. His superb settlement skills when it comes to personal injury matters, coupled with his extraordinary legal experience will serve NAM's clients well.”

Judge Weinstein is available to mediate cases throughout the New York Metropolitan area.