Hon. Rudolph E. Greco's Podcast: “Uncommon Law – Lessons They Don't Teach You in Law School”


The Honorable Rudolph E. Greco (Ret.) is a NAM neutral and is well known for his integrity and broad range of knowledge of the law. Through his years of experience on the bench and in private practice, Judge Greco relied upon his negotiating skills and empathetic demeanor when conferencing cases.  He listened and understood the needs of both sides in furtherance of his goal to assist the parties in reaching a resolution.

What many people don't know, is that Judge Greco also hosts a podcast entitled, “Uncommon Law – Lessons They Don't Teach in Law School,” a series of “shoot from the hip” episodes/short stories that provide a look at the justice system “from the inside out” through the eyes of a retired Queens New York Supreme Court Justice and criminal defense attorney.

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