“I find the video conferencing process to be a seamless transition from in person mediations.   As an attorney who uses the mediation forum hundreds of times a year, I couldn’t be happier with the process and the services provided by NAM.”

-Charles J. Hurowitz, Managing Member, Subin Associates, LLP


“NAM has provided Travelers with exceptional claim resolution services for a number of years.”

  • Philip Guercio, St. Paul Travelers


“I wish to commend Judge DiBlasi not only for his efforts involved during the mediation, but his efforts made following the session, which resulted in resolution of the case. Judge DiBlasi was fair with both sides and took the time to review each side’s position. He offered to and did follow up with the claims representative and the claims supervisor following the conclusion of the mediation, which resulted in settlement of this matter. Judge DiBlasi, in my opinion, went ‘above and beyond the call of duty’ in this matter. It goes without saying that I would not hesitate to use Judge DiBlasi in the future for any of my mediation or arbitration needs.”

  • Ronald M. Sickmen, Esq., The Law Office of Ronald Sickmen


“NAM is by far the most organized and helpful of the companies in its field. In less than 5 minutes our case manager will get all the info he needs from you and will get your case set up to fit your requirements. I have been handling only PI cases for over 25 years. I only go with NAM.”

  • Gary Kauget, Esq., Law Office of Gary Kauget


“NAM has been instrumental in assisting my firm for over fifteen years in resolving personal injury claims and law suits both small and large. Their list of arbitrators and mediators is sufficiently large and comprehensive enough to satisfy the needs and requirements of both plaintiff counsel and the defense. NAM’s support staff has always been courteous, professional and eager to assist. I have been working exclusively with my Account Executive for many years and have always found him responsible, responsive and extremely knowledgeable about the alternative resolution process. I can’t begin to list all the numerous cases which we have prosecuted over the many years and have been resolved through the help of NAM and my Account Executive.”

  • Harry D. Hersh Esq., Davis & Hersh, LLP


“Like fine wine, left alone to age a bit longer, Judge LeVine’s recommendations were accepted by all parties and we eventually did as he suggested. Thank you for his efforts on behalf of the parties.”

  • Jonathan Silver, Esq., The Law Office of Jonathan Silver


“I have been a completely satisfied client of NAM since 1998. In that time I have either settled or disposed of via arbitration over 100 cases. The panel of arbitrators utilized by NAM have been outstanding in their fairness, thoroughness and preparation. All of my clients have come away from the mediation or arbitration process with the feeling that their case has been heard by a arbitrator or mediator who took the time to listen to their case and fully consider all the relevant records in helping the matter come to a conclusion. I would absolutely recommend utilizing NAM to resolve cases. The time and cost savings are enormous and the cases are handled by competent and experienced neutrals. The administrative staffs has always been responsive to any of my concerns and always responds to my communications quickly.”

  • Steven Goldstein, Esq., Goldstein & Handwerker, LLP


“I’ve worked in the insurance industry for 30 odd years, and rarely encounter vendors who exhibit the partnership doctrine they so profess to have with the client. NAM is the exception. The NAM staff epitomizes the concepts of collaboration and teamwork. I can honestly say they are one company I hope to stay connected with in this changing business world.”

  • Cathy Callaghan, GMAC Insurance


“Dear Judge Gelfand,
Referring to our mediation of 12/9, I am happy to advise that the case settled for $1M. Thank you for your many hours of assistance.”

  • Marc Livanos, Senior Technical Claims Specialist, Liberty Mutual


“A settlement may take only weeks.”

  • Business Week Magazine


“I have been dealing with NAM for many years for both arbitrations and mediations. Their panel of judges is of the highest quality and the staff always provides excellent back up. All of my experiences have been positive and NAM has been instrumental in bringing the submitted cases to a rapid and fair conclusion.”

  • Philip DeCicco, Esq., DeCicco, Gibbons & McNamara, P.C.


“As an attorney handling both plaintiff’s and defendants personal injury matters for many years, I have always found NAM to be a most effective means of resolving cases ranging from simple automobile accidents to complex labor law litigation involving many parties and attorneys. Whether by arbitration or mediation, NAM has consistently provided a high quality list of judges, arbitrators and mediators. They resolve cases quickly, efficiently and with minimal cost when compared to the time and effort needed to litigate cases in the court system. I also recommend ADR at NAM for my clients when the case is ready to be resolved”

  • David Sloan, Esq., The Law Office of David Sloan


“NAM has been an invaluable resource in helping my firm and I resolve cases in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Their professional staff is very responsive and adept at making the claims process fast and easy. Their learned judges are attentive to detail and possess a high level of expertise in resolving difficult and complex matters. I would highly recommend NAM to anyone looking for exceptional claim resolution services.”

  • Brian Gotlieb, Esq., Ross & Hill


“As a trial attorney, using the services of a goal-oriented ADR group is of great benefit. NAM’s professional and attentive staff, as well as their great selection of knowledgeable panel members, has been a crucial element in many satisfactory resolutions. Not only have we saved countless hours of trial time and thousands of dollars in expert fees, but we have been able to obtain excellent settlement results for our clients.”

  • Jason Paris, Esq. Paris & Chaikin, PLLC


“I was thrilled with the quick response and easy scheduling that NAM provides for all the mediations that I do.”

  • Mike Meyerson, Bisogno & Meyerson


“I would like to express my appreciation to NAM for being such a valuable resource. NAM provides an outstanding service with its vast panel of judges. Most attorneys are comfortable with placing cases in their hands. Moreover, please accept my thanks for your tireless efforts to get these situations taken care of. I am aware that you spend a great deal of time making countless phone calls to ensure these situations resolve in the fashion the lawyers hope for. It is greatly appreciated.”

  • Michael E. Garron, Esq., Brand, Glick & Brand


“As a plaintiff personal injury lawyer for over 30 years, I have developed a bias towards the use of alternative dispute resolution as a means for providing fast, effective, positive results for my clients. No vendor provides better service than NAM. NAM has the widest array of distinguished jurists versed in every aspect of personal injury. Their pricing is fair, their staff professional, and their desire to aid in the resolution of cases unsurpassed. I highly recommend NAM. It is no surprise that they are the leaders in the ADR field.”

  • Mark E. Weinberger, Esq., The Law Office of Mark E. Weinberger


“Our office has used NAM for the last ten years and have found its arbitrators are among the most competent former jurists of the New York bench. Its employees are courteous, knowledgeable, helpful and attentive. Overall it has been a sheer pleasure to reap the benefits of their services.”

  • Christina Killerlane, Esq., The Law Office of James Killerlane


“I have utilized NAM with much success over the past 15 years. Their staff is very professional and always courteous. My account representative is a pleasure to work with. Since NAM has such an extensive list of extremely qualified arbitrators and mediators, it is often easy to select an arbitrator/mediator with my adversary. I look forward to continuing to use NAM in the future.”

  • Michael Goldfarb, Esq., Mark E. Seitelman Law Offices, P.C.


“NAM provides us with a quick efficient and stress-free way of getting before a great mediator”

  • Mike Meyerson, Bisogno & Meyerson


“I have practiced personal injury law for 17 years, both plaintiff and defense side. In more recent years, I have relied upon the ADR services provided by National Arbitration and Mediation and would recommend NAM to any personal injury practitioner. NAM’s administrative staff has uniformly provided the highest level of service. The panel of mediators and arbitrators have in every instance handled mediations and arbitrations with the highest degree of professionalism, demonstrated correct knowledge of applicable law and shown respect for litigants and attorneys. Decisions have always been received promptly and in every case the final disposition was fair to all parties. I whole-heartedly recommend NAM as a cost-efficient, professional and just ADR forum for the resolution of personal injury claims for plaintiffs, defendants and insurance carriers.”

  • Geoffrey D. Eberle, Esq., The Law Office of Geoffrey D. Eberle


“The service provided by NAM is great. Our Case Manager is conscientious, responsible and professional. NAM provides us with a great panel of judges to choose from.”

  • Michael Rose, Esq., Hach & Rose


“Our firm has utilized NAM over the years and know them to be a professional and technologically innovative organization.”

  • Richard King, Siben & Siben


“The process is less stressful for a client and the costs of expert testimony can be saved.”

  • Morris Newman, Newman & Anzalone, CNBC


“Any tool that helps settle claims quickly and inexpensively is a tool we want to incorporate into our settlement strategy.”

  • Claims Manager, Royal & Sun Alliance


“Mediating with Judge DiBlasi is as equal a pleasure as trying a case before him. You walk out knowing that justice has been served and he is nothing short of being a true gentleman.”

  • Steven Balson-Cohen, Esq., Cohen, Kuhn & Associates, Staff Counsel to The Hartford


“They are highly respected in the dispute resolution arena.”

  • Director of General Liability, Toys “R” Us


“I have worked with NAM since its inception and always look to them in helping to resolve a case. They offer an outstanding panel of judges and locations and consistently provide superior support services in terms of scheduling and accommodating all involved. I have found that based upon their reputation, parties on all sides are more than willing to agree to a submission with NAM which allows for greater success with our cases.”

  • Gary P. Muhlstock, Esq., Ahmuty, Demers & McManus


“NAM has helped our firm resolve millions of dollars worth of claims, saving countless hours of trial time and trial expenses for all parties involved. I highly recommend them, as they provide a great service to the plaintiff’s bar and the insurance industry. Our account representative provides competent, efficient service which facilitates the entire process.”

  • Jason S. Shapiro, Esq., Shapiro Law Offices


“In my experience, the case coordinators at NAM have always been professional and accommodating. They work hard to establish a time and date convenient for all parties involved in an effort to resolve the matter amicably and efficiently. I have also been pleasantly surprised by the assortment of qualified arbitrators and mediators retained by NAM who equitably handle the matters placed before them.”

  • Michael T. Clancy, Esq., Breen & Clancy, P.C.


“I wanted to take a moment to compliment you on the excellent customer service that has been provided by your office. I have been in the auto insurance industry for close to 25 years now and have worked with several other vendors who handle arbitrations & mediations but have found that the cream always rises to the top. NAM is by far the best in the business. It is nice to work with an organization that seems to have perfected the most important aspect of any business, the customer service end of things.”

  • Steven Kochner, AIG Personal Lines Claims


“NAM makes the claims submission process easy. They have a broad selection of judges and our NAM Rep is responsive to our needs.”

  • Peter Schneider, GMAC Insurance


“We’ve found that the depth and breadth of NAM’s hearing panel maximizes the opportunities to resolve matters through Mediation and Arbitration. Trusted, experienced and well known, they work hard to resolve cases in ways not otherwise available. The management staff has handled our cases professionally and expeditiously, enabling us to trust an increasing amount of future business to NAM.”

  • Eric H. Green, Law Offices of Eric H. Green and Associates


“For the past 10 years as a defense attorney, I have turned to NAM any time I need to mediate or arbitrate a case in any venue. I have had success with settling all types of cases, ranging from million dollar labor law cases, automobile accidents and premises liability cases to minor property damage matters. NAM’s service is wonderful, fast, efficient and friendly. My Case Managers are always a pleasure to work with, they always return my telephone calls and they get the job done.”

  • Suzanne Adams, Esq., Morris, Duffy, Alonso & Faley


“As a personal injury attorney we frequently use mediation as a tool to avoid a costly trial and as a mechanism to obtain a fair and just result for our clients without the uncertainties of a jury trial. In order to have a successful mediation it is imperative that we select a company that has a reputation for fairness and integrity, so that all parties believe that they are participating in a fair and constructive process. NAM’s group of distinguished judges and mediators makes this possible. I have been using their services for more than 10 years and they have done a terrific job in helping me bring a majority of the cases that I have chosen to mediate to a successful resolution.”

  • Kenneth J. Halperin, Esq., Wingate. Russotti & Shapiro, LLP


“The Mediator was respectful, creative and a great listener. When he used the technique of reframing, new options came forth, allowing us to reach a settlement. My client walked away feeling vindicated, without having to endure the risks of a trial.”

  • Lindy Korn, Esq., The Law Office of Lindy Korn


“NAM has helped our firm resolve medical malpractice and negligence cases for over 10 years. The arbitrators are skilled at bringing both sides together, even in the most difficult of cases. Always professional, the staff at NAM works hard at expeditiously scheduling our cases. I have used other ADR companies in the past and none measure up to the caliber of NAM.”

  • Debbie Kurtz, Esq., Alan W. Clark & Associates, LLC


“My firm has used NAM for many years. NAM excels in moving difficult cases toward resolution. NAM always follows up on cases and if they can’t get a case into arbitration or mediation, no one can. NAM is at the forefront of the future of personal injury litigation.”

  • Paul J. Campson, Esq., Campson & Campson


“Our Marlton Office selected NAM due to the professionalism they displayed and then they delivered on their promise. NAM had enabled us to move cases in a more timely fashion for those matters that were at an impasse.”

  • Liberty Mutual Insurance


“Over the last several years I have had numerous arbitrations at NAM, and the whole process, from the scheduling of the arbitration until the rendering of the decision, was conducted efficiently and professionally, and provided my clients with a cost effective alternative to traditional litigation.”

  • Brian Brown, Esq., Lewis, Johs, Avallone, Aviles, LLP


“We would like to commend Judge Krausman for his participation in a mediation which proceeded on November 18, 2009. It is only through the efforts of Judge Krausman that the parties were able to achieve a settlement. Judge Krausman worked diligently to obtain an offer from defendants and set a reasonable expectation for plaintiff to settle the case at that figure. We reiterate that had it not been for the efforts of Judge Krausman, the case would not have settled.”

  • Shelley R. Halber, Esq., Rubin, Fiorella & Friedman, LLP


“Thank you again for all your hard work towards resolving this complicated case. To your credit, you identified & separated the ‘real’ issues from all the red herrings and at the end of the day, that’s what brought this matter to a successful conclusion.”

  • Martin Grossman, Esq., Robert A. Cardali & Associates, LLP


“The dedicated and professional staff at NAM continually meets, and exceeds, my firm’s ADR needs in a cost-effective manner. Our clients are always impressed with the skilled ability of NAM’s panelists to resolve even the toughest of disputes, thereby avoiding additional costly litigation.”

  • Vincent J. Battista, Esq., Torino & Bernstein, P.C.


“I continue to choose NAM for my firm’s mediation needs as I am always pleased at the ease and promptness with which the matters I refer to NAM are handled. I consider NAM an asset to the litigation world and I plan on utilizing NAM’s services for as long as I practice law.”

  • Steven J. DeLorenz, Talisman & DeLorenz, P.C.


“I have been working with NAM for 17 years, since the company began. Its staff is attentive, courteous and professional. NAM’s extensive and highly qualified panel demonstrate a keen understanding of the issues and relevant law in each case. They work tirelessly to bring opposing parties together, regardless of the complexity of the issues. NAM receives my highest recommendation as a cost-efficient and expeditious alternative dispute forum for resolving personal injury claims.”

  • Jay Flatow, Esq., Lurie & Flatow P.C.


“NAM has served the needs of the claims community by providing mediators who are familiar with the local jurisdiction to assist in a variety of ways during a mediation. While not all the cases settle, everyone walks away with more knowledge about the case including the applicable law that governs the loss. After the parties have had a chance to review their respective positions, they come back with a better understanding of each other’s position. If not during the mediation, often settlements occur soon afterwards. NAM’s professional staff and their awareness of the needs of the carrier and claims community make them the choice to go to when we need to mediate a matter.”

  • Janet Grantner, SCLA, Liability Team Manager, Zurich North America


“In a single day, Siben & Siben will attempt to clear about 75 cases. This unique program is administered by NAM.”

  • New York Law Journal


“Hon. Jerome Becker is truly a skilled mediator. He has an extremely easygoing manner combined with a sharp sense of the value of a case, which inevitably leads to a satisfying reolution. I would recommend Judge Becker to anyone. I began using NAM many many years ago; I have used all of the other alternative dispute resolution companies but NAM is truly the best both in value and experience.”

  • Scott Seskin, Esq., The Law Office of Scott H. Seskin


“NAM’s service has proven to be an invaluable resource in resolving difficult and complex matters. Their staff is informed and their judges are effective. In our most recent mediation, NAM’s judge proved to be a very capable facilitator and our case settled for $750,000. I would recommend NAM to any firm that seeks to resolve cases in a timely and cost-efficient manner.”

  • William Schwitzer, Esq., Dinkes & Schwitzer


“We have enjoyed exceptional results from our traditional dispute resolution efforts with NAM”

  • Richard Carroll, General Manager, American Transit


“NAM has the most talented roster of mediators and arbitrators in the New York metro area. I am amazed at how often both sides are agreeable to using a NAM Hearing Officer. Our entire firm appreciates the efficiency that the NAM staff provides. They always go the extra distance in routinely following up with the parties and get our hearings scheduled in an efficient and timely matter. I couldn’t ask for anything more in an ADR provider.”

  • Andrew Park, Esq., Sim & Park LLP


“Great Results. Personable. Experts.
The Account Executives always take care of our matters in an expedited fashion. They allow us to relax because we know the matter will be handled properly.”

  • Philip Floumanhaft, Esq., Glinkenhouse Floumanhaft & Queen


“I have used NAM for over 15 years and have found that they have provided plaintiff’s counsel with the most expeditious process of conducting arbitrations and mediations. At NAM, they have a vast amount of experienced judges who are fair. I have never been dissatisfied and I feel very comfortable in recommending them to any plaintiff or defendant’s firm.”

  • Jack Grossman, Esq., Mallilo & Grossman


“We select NAM because of their clarity of service, selection of qualified judges and the promptness and efficiency of their staff.”

  • Frank Scahill, Esq., Picciano & Scahill P.C.


“I just returned from a mediation with one of your outstanding judges and wanted to take this opportunity to compliment NAM on the important service provided to the bar over the past 15 to 20 years. I also want to thank NAM’s staff which has provided this office with excellent service. I look forward to dealing with National Arbitration and Mediation for many years to come.”

  • Ronald M. Sickmen, Esq., The Law Office of Ronald Sickmen


“I have used NAM as a vendor for both arbitrations and mediations for more than a decade. They have the largest and best panel. Their reps and scheduling department are always accessible. When choosing other avenues of dispute resolution go with NAM.”

  • Michael Huguenot, Esq., Vozza & Huguenot


“I have been a trial attorney for over 20 years and using the services of NAM for many years. I find the staff of NAM to be professional, helpful and they provide an excellent opportunity to get the best results for my clients. The large list of well-qualified judges, arbitrators and mediators allows me the opportunity to accommodate the adverse parties’ requests without compromising my case or my client’s issues, yet it saves valuable trial expenses and years of needless litigation. I believe NAM is an excellent tool for any litigator.”

  • Louis C. Annunziata, Esq., The Law Office of James J. Toomey,
    Staff Counsel to Travelers Insurance