Patented Case Management System

As the acceptance of ADR continues to grow, so has the volume, size and complexity of cases referred to NAM (National Arbitration and Mediation). Many of NAM’s clients today oversee ADR initiatives that range from several hundred thousand dollars in resolved cases to more than $100 million per annum.

Given the magnitude of such initiatives, NAM developed myADR®, a unique patented dispute resolution case management system designed to help clients oversee their ADR program. myADR® is an online portal into NAM’s in-house system that provides clients with secure ADR-related data such as case calendars, tracking and status reports as well as decisions and awards.

myADR® also acts as an ADR “report card” by providing broad program analyses and case turnaround information so that clients may observe for themselves the superior performance of NAM.

Case Management On-the-Go

To supplement the myADR® management system, NAM has developed the myADR® mobile app. Designed specifically for the remote, on-the-go professional, the app allows access to virtually all case-related data and information available in the myADR® system, in real time, on any mobile device.

Download the complimentary myADR® mobile app. Available when you search “myadr” on the App Store and Google Play.

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